Forward Purchase Agreement Translate

In accordance with the Forward Purchase Agreement, the sponsor has waived all rights and claims it may have on any product and interest on the receiver account relating to forward Purchase Securities. The agent is not responsible for the validity or value (or nature or amount) of common shares or securities or assets that may be issued or delivered at any time under a purhase contract; and the agent has no assurance about that. The agent is not liable for the entity`s inability to issue, transfer or deliver shares of the common stock under a forward purchase contract or to meet any of the entity`s obligations, responsibilities or obligations contained in this article. When certificates attesting to more than one futures purchase contract are issued by the same holder for a single count, the number of complete common shares to be delivered at the count is calculated on the basis of the total number of futures acquisition contracts proving the certificates thus released. On the reference date, the company provided the agent with the execution of copies of the fiduciary agreement, the guarantee agreement, the sale contract of the private placement entities, the forward agreement for the market, the registration rights agreement, the insider letter, the service agreement and the Combination Marketing Agreement.

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