Psc Cuny Contract Agreement 2019

The parties agreed to amend section 1.1 to include the “Postdoctoral Fellow” on the list of titles for which the COPS is the exclusive representative of collective bargaining, subject to agreement on the contractual provisions that apply to this title. However, the parties expect that workers working in the postdoctoral title on the days of application of the flat-rate increases covered in paragraph III will receive these increases. The office hours paid for Adjunct`s faculty would begin almost immediately. From the next semester, any addition (and full-time worker in case of overload) that teaches a course of three hours or more contact will be responsible for the full hourly rate for official office hours and will be paid if the contract is ratified. Determining paid office hours means that adjunks are paid for many more hours than they work; Recognizes the professionalism of the auxiliary faculty; and it guarantees and expands students` access to their teachers outside of teaching. The contract begins retroactively on December 1, 2017 and expires on February 28, 2023. The treaty must now be approved by the Trusts Council and ratified for membership of the CSP. From the beginning of the fall 2019 semester, teachers of teachers responsible for teaching a large part of their classes during a given semester in a department or program other than the one for which they are appointed may be followed by a member of the other department or program if the chair of the department to which the faculty member is appointed is appointed. , which is requested. If the president of this department, out of the requesting teaching staff, takes most of his teaching in another academic department, he chooses the observer from among the group of observers of that department. If the faculty member takes note of most of his teaching in a program, the observer is appointed by the chair of the faculty member appointment department, in consultation with the program director. The observer must be a teacher of the teaching staff. From the beginning of the fall 2019 semester, in addition to the criteria set out in the previous paragraph, the following eligibility criteria will apply.

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