Soul Agreements Before Birth

We take relationships with different souls to help us learn about ourselves, sometimes through support and love, but often through challenges. They`re here to remove the mask and blockages by showing us our true self. Then we will learn that it is normal to let go of things that no longer take us where we want to be – mentally, mentally and emotionally. By convention, one might believe that soul agreements have integrated “out” clauses. Because the best plans and goals don`t always work in life, not even great spiritual goals. The spiritual being does not always have the realistic mentality that incarnate people face on a daily basis. There is a great story about a traveller who arrived on the outskirts of the city. An old man was sitting in the shadows and the traveller said: “I am looking for a new place to live. What is it here? The old man stopped and said, “How was this where you used to live?”┬áThe traveller said, “Oh, it was horrible.” People were negative, selfish and ignorant. I was so happy to go.┬áThe old man got angry and said, “It`s the same here.” The first traveller continued to find a better place. There are many soul contracts, and we do them with family members, friends, lovers and others. Even before we were born, we chose our environment, our parents, where we are born, and who will be the first humans to influence us.

In our childhood, we begin to adopt behavioral and behavioral patterns that will determine our blockages and primitive wounds, just so that we can heal later. It is these models that bring us people with whom we have soul contracts, and they will come into our lives to teach us who we are and who we become. These soul contracts influence our relationships on a deep and profound level. After meeting each of these souls, we will never be what we were again. In this system, the sound of your birth name is translated into the equivalent Hebrew sound, then turned into numbers that are the school of the Earth, as I call this place, is ripe for lessons. Everyone we meet is either our teacher or our student, and sometimes both. Many spiritual masters believe that we enter into contracts with other souls before we reach earth (or any other level of reality, in theory) based on what we want to learn and experience. The Earth is a particularly dense and challenging place, which is why it is considered one of the “hardest schools to enter”. Only the most advanced or ambitious souls come here.

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