Working From Home Employee Agreement

This document contains [#company name] Work from Home-Richtlinien und Telemuting Agreement for all [names #company] employees, contractors and creditors. All persons within the scope of these guidelines must sign the last page and confirm receipt of this document and have read and understood the content of these guidelines. Permanent employees should indicate their main employment address in a remote employment contract. This contract also describes their responsibilities as remote employees. As part of the discussion process, an appropriate level of communication between tele-shuttlers and superiors will be agreed and more formal during the trial period. At the end of the trial period, the manager and teleworker communicate at a level that corresponds to the level that is working in the office or in a manner and frequency appropriate for the work and the people involved. Never leave your bag, briefcase or electronic equipment unattended. This seems obvious, but cannot be overestimated. Remember the Apple employee who left the iPhone that hasn`t been released in a bar yet? Do not use this time for personal items and groceries. It is not intended for shopping, tasks or appointments. Permission is required by your supervisor as for a daily job in the office. Finally, I understand that the content of this document is simply guidelines and directives, not a contract or a tacit contract with staff.

The content of these guidelines may change at any time. 6. The employee undertakes to return the company`s devices, recordings and equipment within 3 days of the end of this Agreement (if applicable). Within 3 days of the deadline, the employee must return the company`s equipment for inspection, repair, replace or withdrawal. This section presents best practices and general advice for secure device management, data access and data sharing while working remotely. The employee`s regular location is compatible with the employee`s line manager. If you are working on an existing problem, it is recommended to reply inside the email feed of this assistance ticket to keep everyone in the loop. The employee understands that all devices, records and materials provided by the company remain the property of the company. [Company name] will provide staff with appropriate office equipment (stylos, paper, etc.), as deemed necessary. [Company name] also reimburses the employee for business-related expenses, such as phone calls and shipping costs, which are reasonably incurred during the employee`s work. WFH seems simple, but it is important to recognize that remote work has different challenges and requires the establishment of a unique set of habits as individuals, as teams and as an organization.

Below are written guides to companies working remotely full-time that can help you and your organization, the WFH for any period. Office workers can also work remotely for up to [two consecutive weeks] per year if [they wish to visit the family or place of birth]. Eligible employees are those who have worked in our company for at least [one year].] Workers who are new parents or have short-term or long-term disabilities may agree to work longer distance with their supervisor and staff. Our remote staff policy outlines our policies for employees who work from a location other than our offices. We want to ensure that employees and our company benefit from these agreements. Constantly check all forms of communication. You don`t want unanswered messages from colleagues to make people think you`re not working.

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