Cbsa Confidentiality Agreement

The SIMA Registry and Disclosure Unit no longer accepts paper deposits unless the prior consent of a disclosure agent is obtained and obtained. To make such a request, please contact the SIMA registry at The information on this form is necessary for the provision of a security check. It is collected under the supervision of subsection 7(1) of the Financial Administration Act and the Government of Canada`s Government Security Policy (PGS) and is protected by the provisions of the Data Protection Act in institutions covered by the Data Protection Act. His collection is mandatory. A refusal to provide information makes it possible to verify whether the person is entitled to occupy the position or to perform the contract related to this request for a staff audit. Depending on the degree of security inspection required, information collected by the government institution may be transferred to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), which conduct the required audits and/or investigations in accordance with the GSP, and to entities outside the federal government (e.g.B. credit bureaus). It is used to support decisions relating to people who work or apply by appointment, mandate or contract, transfers or promotions. It can also be used as part of updating or verifying insurance status, releasing security, or accessing the site, which may lead to a reassessment of the type of applicable security screening. Information collected by the government institution and information gathered from necessary controls and/or investigations may be used to support decisions that may lead to discipline and/or termination of the employment relationship or contractual agreements. The personal data collected is described in the PIB PSU 917 (Personnel Security Screening) standard, which is used by all government authorities except the Department of National Defence PIB DND/PPE 834 (Personnel Security Investigation File), RCMP PIB CPU 065 (Security/Reliability Screening Records), CSIS PIB SIS PPE 815 (Employee Security) and PWGSC PIB PPU 015 (Personnel Clearance and Reliability Records) used for Canadian industrial personnel.

Personal data related to security assessments is also described in csiS PIB SIS PPU 005 (Security Assessments/Advice). Confidential information typically includes personal or financial information, proprietary business information, or third-party information. Persons who transmit information to the CBSA as part of a SIMA proceeding may designate as confidential any part of the data that they wish to keep confidential. The CBSA may refuse a confidentiality name if it considers that the designation is unjustified. The depositing party may either withdraw the designation or provide further explanations as to why the information is confidential. A disclosure obligation is a form that imposes the conditions under which the disclosure of confidential information is granted and that contains the lawyer`s agreement to those conditions. . . .

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